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The Samurai Sticker is very different from what you might know and use usually. You might have questions after receiving the items.

Q.Can I put other than my cellphone?

You can put the sticker on the hard and smooth surface for example, Smartphone, Video game, bike, mug cups. The sticker can be used for something you wash or outside.

Q.What I cannot put the stickers on?

The sticker is not for paper, fabric or leather products. and also some items with the special coating. to stick?

150602-makie-3 1.peel the back film from the sticker *if there are some stickers on one sheet and you would like to put them separately, please cut each sticker apart beforehand. 2.put the sticker on the thing you would like. (do not get rid of the other film yet) *you cannot redo or change the position. please be careful. and scratch on the film 4.after pressing, peel the film softly. to get off? / scratch off?

This sticker is very strong and last long time so you cannot come off easily like other stickers. You will need a plastic ruler etc and scratch off from the edge.then the glue can be wiped off by a wet towel. *please do it softly and do not use metal keen items or knife to scratch off. It will damage the thing you had the sticker on.